GomBurZa is a Philippine historical film that will move and inspire the hearts of the passionate, religious, and nationalistic. It tells the story of three martyr priests — Mariano Gomes, José Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora — who were executed by garrote in 1872 falsely accused of sedition and treason. The film chronicles the struggle that began with the secularization movement led by Padre Pedro Pelaez. From this movement, the advocacy for the Filipinization of the Church was continued and championed by priests. They inspired educated middle-class, liberal intellectuals and students, including Jose Rizal’s brother Paciano Mercado. The martyrdom of GomBurZa never silenced the enlightened. Their deaths influenced others to continue the struggle, eventually inspiring the Philippines’ national hero, Jose Rizal, who dedicated his novel “El Filibusterismo” to the three priests. A heroic drama laden with intrigue, battle scenes, and love of country, GomBurZa is an epic tribute to the people behind the birth of Filipino consciousness


Total Running Time
122 mins

Pepe Diokno

Dante Rivero, Enchong Dee, Cedrick Juan, Piolo Pascual, & Elijah Canlas