Movie Spotlight: Ang Babaeng Allergic sa WiFi

Ang Babaeng Allergic sa WiFi (2018)

Genre/s: Romance

To Be Released on August 15, 2018 (PH Release Date; Limited Release Only)

Presented by Cignal Entertainment, OctoberTrain Films, and The IdeaFirst Company

Writer and Director: Jun Robles Luna


  • Sue Ramirez as Norma
  • Jameson Blake as Aristotle “Aris” Miller
  • Markus Peterson as Leo


  • Produced by Perci M. Intalan and Jun Robles Luna
  • Music composed by Emerzon Texon

Life without WiFi … the mere thought of it makes we want to hyperventilate. And why not? Our dependence on the Internet to communicate and develop personal relationships is such that we feel lost without it. But what if you are forced by circumstances to avoid it, is there life or love without it? Welcome back to Dateline Movies, and this is is the interesting story of “Ang Babaeng Allergic sa WiFi“, a quirky exploration of love in the world of the Internet.


What is the movie about?

The Internet has taken over the world, but for one young woman, Norma, played by Ramirez (Hanggang Saan), she does not seem to mind the fact that she is almost completely attached to it.

As she indulges in the many joys the Internet can give her, as well as her flourishing relationship with her boyfriend Leo, played by Peterson, she discovers, to her horror, that the very thing that keeps her the happiest is killing her. She has “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity” (E.H.S.), which means exactly what it says in the title of the movie.

Forced to disconnect herself from cyberspace so as to keep herself safe, Norma retreats to a nearly secluded, and idealistic provincial land. There, she is forced to come to terms with the real world, without the Internet, and she must finally know if true love is with her boyfriend, or a secret admirer of hers, Aristotle “Aris” Miller, played by Blake (2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten).

On the premise of the flick, director Jun Robles Luna mentioned that “what interested (him) most about the idea, when I came across a 2009 news report about a British man who was allergic to Wi-Fi, is the opportunity to explore the underlying sadness and emptiness of modern relationships.”

On the social themes of the film, he added that “nowadays, with the advances of technology, no matter where we go, it’s so easy to get in touch with our loved ones. But a lot of our correspondence has also been reduced to emojis and likes and superficial interactions online. What happens if the technology that’s supposed to connect you to the whole world suddenly isolates you literally and takes away your freedom and the life you once lived and knew?”

Honestly, I am gently surprised that a person can actually becoming allergic to the Internet itself. I do look forward to seeing Cignal Entertainment’s first-ever movie film myself, and I do hope to see you at the theaters. There are seven other films made by Filipinos currently showing in the Philippines, much like this little potential gem. All of these eight movies are part of the P.P.P. And what is that, you ask?

“Ang Babaeng Allergic sa WiFi” is Cignal Entertainment’s first venture into full length feature film production and is one of the eight feature films chosen by the Film Development Council of the Philippines for the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2018 happening in August.

The Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP) is a nationwide week-long celebration which will exclusively screen Filipino films in all theaters nationwide from August 15-21, 2018. It is now on its second year and is in line with the Buwan ng Wika. This is organized by the Film Development Council of the Philippines in partnership with the theaters, and public and private partners.

For more information you may check-out Cignal Entertainment’s Facebook page by clicking here, and check-out the film’s official Facebook page for more updates here. And as always, we leave a video related to our subject at the end of each of our posts. Be sure to listen to an original song for the movie titled “Wish” by Keiko. Stay tuned for more Dateline Movies!